Line Up

20th to 24th of August 2023 - Pag Island, Croatia

Sonus Festival is known for an eclectic and hand picked line-up, ranging from fan favorites to underground prodigies. The musical spectrum ranges from captivating House through rousing Tech-House to hard hitting Techno. In music we trust! Get ready for 5 days and 5 nights of partying under the open sky next to the blue water of the Adriatic Sea.


Let your ideal summer party experience become a reality. Want open-air parties that go all night? Want to watch the sunrise while your favorite DJ drops the perfect track? Want to cool down in the crystal clear waters of the surrounding Adriatic Sea after a long night of dancing, just to do it all over again the next day? Sonus has all of that and more!

5 Days

From the beach to the raves - Dayparties at Sonus are always a treat.

Go for a swim, go for a dance and start all over again!
Dayparties start at 4 PM and kick off every Sonus day.

5 Nights

Starry skies and dazzling light shows - Sonus festival comes alive at night.

Dance your heart out, and then see the sun rise over the dance floor in the early hours!
Nightparties start at 10 PM and end at 6 AM.

Boat Parties

Sonus does not only happen in clubs - we also take the sound we love out on open waters. Dance away to your favourite artists and enjoy the finest tunes in an intimate and spectacular setting.