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  • Can I buy Daytickets?

    Single-day tickets are available for purchase. For those staying over the weekend, we now offer a "weekend ticket" that includes entry to the opening party on Saturday at Aquarius and the first day of the festival on Sunday.

    Buy Dayticket
  • I want to buy a Hardticket!

    There are no Hardtickets available. You can print your ticket if you like.

  • How to pay off my Deposit Ticket

    Change of the Deposit Ticket to a Regular Ticket
    Sonus Festival 2024

    1. Access MyOrder for order self-management by selecting "Manage Order" in your confirmation email.

    2. Within MyOrder, tap "More" located above your ticket summary, then choose "Change tickets".

    3. Select the Deposit Ticket option and proceed by clicking "Continue".

    4. A credit of €25.00 will now be available to you, which can be immediately applied as a discount on the purchase of a Regular Ticket in the shop.

    5. Proceed to purchase your Regular Ticket; the Deposit Ticket credit will be automatically subtracted from the total price at checkout.

    Please remember that your Regular Ticket will be part of a new order, assigned a unique order number.

  • When will Boat Party tickets be available?

    We typically release boat parties in early summer. As boat tickets are ususally sold within few hours we advise to subscribe to our newsletter.

  • I want to change the name on my ticket.

    Tickets for Sonus are not personalized for admission. This means that we do not verify the name during the ticket scan. Therefore there is no need to change the name if you are passing on your ticket to friends. If you want to re-sell your ticket we advise to use our resale platform.

  • I want to resell my ticket.

    We advise using our official resale platform which ensures the authenticity and validity of tickets. It offers fair pricing and protects both buyers and sellers from fraud. Using our service maintains the event's integrity and ensures a safe experience for all attendees. This service will be available soon!

  • I want a refund for my ticket.

    "We are sorry to hear you can’t join us for Sonus Festival. Unfortunately, festival tickets are non-refundable.
    However, you can re-sell the ticket on your own.

  • I can't find the payment plan option?

    The payment plan option is available during check-out. So please end your purchase and select it when you would enter your payment details.

  • I want to Upgrade to a VIP Ticket.

    If you bought via Paylogic: Please open your confirmation E-Mail and go to "Manage my Order". In this interface you find the option to upgrade your Ticket.

    If you got a ticket during the blind ticket sale: Upgrading your (blind) ticket to a VIP ticket is possible, however due to technical ticketing reasons a bit more complicated. Please buy the VIP ticket in our ticketing shop and reach out to Paylogic Customer Support afterwards, they will refund your standard festival ticket.

  • I want to upgrade my accommodation.

    An accommodation change is possible, but under the extra cost which will depend on your new chosen accommodation. Please reach out to and specify which new unit you’d like to have - so we can send over the calculated extra costs.

  • Will VIP tables be available?

    As a VIP Ticket holder you have the chance to book your private table (extra fees apply). To do so please reach out to the Club directly. We will share contact information closer to the festival.

Not able to find an answer? Please contact our Ticketing Partner Paylogic, they will help you with your problem.

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