21st to 25th of August 2022 - Pag Island, Croatia

What awaits you at Sonus Festival?
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Ticket Related Questions

  • Can I buy Daytickets?

    Daytickets are not available in the pre-sale.

  • I want to buy a Hardticket!

    There are no Hardtickets available. You can print your ticket if you like.

  • I bought a ticket for Sonus Festival 2020, what are my options?

    1. Keep your ticket: As a Sonus ticket holder and loyal supporter, you will automatically receive a new ticket for Sonus 2022. We would be really grateful if you continue to support us - as a thank-you we will even grant all supporters a spot on the guestlist for our opening party next year, as well as drink vouchers worth 60€ per transferred ticket, valid for the entirety of the festival!

    2. Refund: If you can't join us for the new date, you also have the option to be refunded; all you have to do is full out the form we send you via e-mail until 14th of June. You will have the face value of your ticket refunded. The refund process will start by end of June. We will start sending out the tickets for 2022 shortly after the beginning of the public pre-sale on the 18th of June. Please note: only the entire shopping cart/order number can be transferred to 2022, donated or refunded.

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Festival Related Questions

  • Is Sonus Festival 2021 taking place?

    Sonus Festival 2021 has been canceled. Ticketholders can keep their tickets or request a refund until the 14th of June 2021.

  • Do I need to be vaccinated?

    As Sonus 2022 is more than a year in the future, we can not answer questions as such.

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