18th to 22nd of August 2024 - Pag Island, Croatia

Sonus Festival is known for an eclectic and hand picked line-up, ranging from fan favorites to underground prodigies. The musical spectrum ranges from captivating House through rousing Tech-House to hard hitting Techno. In music we trust! Get ready for 5 days and 5 nights of partying under the open sky next to the blue water of the Adriatic Sea.

Second Release - In alphabetical order

  • 999999999

    Spontaneous, random, unlimited – in the past few years, the two minds behind 999999999 have become one of the most requested acts of the techno scene. If you haven't experienced their calculated chaos first-hand, now is the time!

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  • Adam Beyer

    Few artists continue to consistently pull on the modern heartstrings of techno like Adam Beyer. Having birthed a monumental signature sound with his Drumcode label, there's no telling what he'll bring to the stage of our next show.

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  • Adriatique

    The long, meditative, relentlessly building affairs of Adriatique challenge the listener with subtle twists interrupting their hypnotic groove. Are you ready for a sonic journey like no other at our next edition?

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    West African native AMÉMÉ channels his cultural roots and ancestry into everything he does, specializing in afrocentric house music. Expect tribal percussions, spiritual chants, and ritualistic rhythms to put you in a trance at our upcoming festival edition!

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  • Andrea Oliva

    Andrea Oliva's dedication to the underground scene and his resulting success of the past two decades has garnered him the widespread respect of dance music luminiaries. Find out what all the fuss is about at our next event!

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  • Archie Hamilton

    With over ten years’ experience mastering his craft, Archie Hamilton is one of the most respected artists in the realm of minimal house and tech-house. His signature sound of rugged basslines and ethereal atmospherics will provide a musical soundscape for you to freely explore with your ears and your mind.

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  • Ben Klock b2b Marcel Dettmann

    Long-time Berghain resident and an ever-present symbol of Berlin’s vast musical landscape: for many, Ben Klock is the face of techno. His ability to create an intricate narrative and sense of flow in his sets is impeccable, making him a perfect addition to our lineup.

    Marcel Dettmann has long been one of the protagonists of the Berlin techno scene around the club mecca Berghain / Panorama Bar. His sound remains innovative, carried by heavy bass and reduced melodies, the two fundamental pillars in his mixes. But they are by far not everything he has to offer – experience the real deal at our next show.

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  • Boston 168 Live

    Fans of acid techno will instantly recognize the name Boston 168, a duo which has been dedicated taking their specialist subject to the next level with a mixture of traditional machines and modern technology. Get ready for some corrosive sounds!

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  • Brina Knauss

    Brina Knauss is an electrifying singer-songwriter known for her haunting melodies and soulful lyrics that captivate audiences. She will be gracing the stage at our next event, romising an unforgettable evening filled with her mesmerizing music.

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  • Camelphat

    The Camelphat duo sport a timeless brand of house music, whose emotion-rich, silky sounds have cemented them in the scene for more than a decade now. Galvanize your festival experience by letting their sounds wash over you!

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  • Chelina Manuhutu

    Chelina Manuhutu is an internationally acclaimed DJ and producer renowned for her infectious blend of tech-house beats, igniting dancefloors with her vibrant energy and seamless mixing skills. The next dancefloor she is setting on fire will be our very own!

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  • Chris Stussy

    Chris Stussy's house music aesthetic which he creates with jazz, disco, and Chicago influences has taken the scene by storm in recent years. There's no better representative for his sound at our next production than the man himself!

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  • Clara Cuvé

    From fast and groovy techno to breakbeat, jungle, and hardcore, Clara Cuvé serves the perfect blend of genres to intoxicate any dance floor. Get ready for a taste!

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  • Daria Kolosova

    Currently one of the most actively growing names in the techno scene, Daria Kolosova dishes out energetic tunes which are not only danceable, but also fresh and daring. Find out what she is all about at our next event!

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  • Dax J

    'Monnom Black' label owner Dax J is a name synonymous with an individual style of raw, uncompromising techno which has remained rooted in the underground during his many years at the forefront of the techno scene. Get ready to witness it live.

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  • Deborah De Luca

    A musical career founded on hard work and a passion for night life, Deborah De Luca’s music quickly became a high-quality brand – a fusion of hard techno and minimal sounds without ever being common. We're happy to welcome her to our next edition!

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  • Dennis Cruz

    Always serving up a fresh platter of dancing dynamite wherever he goes, Dennis Cruz is one of the pillars of the tech-house community. We're ready to dance the night away to his sound at our next event!

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  • DJ Holographic

    Hailing from the electronic music epicenter of the US, Detroit, DJ Holographic is a one-woman funk machine dishing out grooving house, sly minimal, unreserved disco, and more on a global level. Catch her when she concocts her next rhythmic dish behind the decks of our next event!

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  • Eli Brown

    Eli Browns' repertoire has spanned many genres throughout the years, making an immediate impact on the respective scene each time. Currently sporting a visceral technoid energy in his sets, our dancefloors are sure to shake when he steps up on stage soon!

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  • Ellen Allien

    Berlin at its best! Hardly anyone personifies the feeling of the capital as Berlinette Ellen Allien. For almost 20 years Ellen sets the tone in the clubs at the river Spree. Away from the DJ booth, the BPitch boss is also responsible for major sensations in the electronic music scene —she promoted acts like Sascha Funke and Paul Kalkbrenner making them household names far beyond the city limits. Ellen not only influences the sound but also the look of the scene with her fashion label “Ellen Allien”.

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  • Enzo Siragusa

    With his roots in the UK rave culture of the 90s, Enzo Siragusa is more than 20 years deep into the music scene, yet he is still as passionate and obsessive as ever. Fueled by the desire to keep the culture alive that changed his life, he strives for an equal balance between music, community, and the environment. The mastermind behind FUSE will be bringing his concept to our next event!

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  • Fideles

    The Fideles duo are loyal to the melodic techno scene, producing and playing music meant to draw forth emotions and create a sense of epicness on the many dance floors they play worldwide. Their finely crafted musical story is waiting to be read by you at our next event!

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  • Franky Rizardo

    Franky Rizardo blurs the lines between techno and house, delivering set after set of powerful, yet groovy sounds at musical events around the world. Get in the zone and fully immerse yourself in his style at our next event!

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  • Héctor Oaks

    When Héctor Oaks turns back toward the crowd with the next vinyl in hand from the depths of his record case, you never know what's coming next. Contemporary hand-picked techno, rave classics, breaks, ghetto, oomphy grooves and a pinch of funk – this performance will have it all.

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  • I Hate Models

    With an incomparable openness to all music genres, I Hate Models’ sound often spills into a myriad of electronic genres and has helped him attract a legion of fans around the globe. We cannot wait to experience his unique blend of styles!

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  • Indira Paganotto

    Indira Paganotto has quickly transcended the ranks of the electronic music scene on the wings of her psytrance-influenced sound, which she mixes with a variety of genres in her high-energy sets. Dive in to her world at our next event!

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  • Jamie Jones b2b Joseph Capriati

    Jamie Jones is best known for his warmer and more melodic take of the electronic music genre. His balearic sound has already reached millions across the globe as he continues to spice up one party after the next. At our next event it'll be: On your marks, ready, set, dance!

    Joseph Capriati's dedication to his craft and love of the vibrant nightlife culture have been the foundation for him to become a leading techno artist. He began his career in his hometown of Naples before gaining international recognition for his unique blend of techno and deep house. He continues to break new ground of electronic music and enchants the listeners with his dynamic and powerful sets.

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  • John Summit

    Chicago's John Summit is a representative of his hometown's classic house music, adding a healthy dose of melody and a modern polish to make it his very own. His wide-ranging success is no accident – find out for yourself when he plays at our next show.

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  • Juliet Fox

    Known for creating immersive sonic experiences on the deeper, spacier end of the techno spectrum, Juliet Fox will be joining us at our next edition with her exceptional musicality to create a truly magical atmosphere that will leave you wanting more.

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  • Kevin de Vries

    Kevin de Vries has cemented himself as one of the most prominent representatives of the melodic techno style, drawing both from the power of techno and from the euphoria of trance to create a sound that is moving in every sense of the word. Feel the energy when he steps behind our decks very soon!

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  • Kölsch

    With his natural flair for creating elegant music that makes people move, Kölsch offers a symphony of sound unheard in the techno spectrum. Catch his next set at our next event!

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  • Layla Benitez

    Channeling an eclectic mix of deep house with percussion, world harmonies and soul sounds, Layla Benitez' style embodies the many influences she had growing up in New York City surrounded by music. Get ready to be taken on a journey of uplifting and energetic beats when she steps behind our decks.

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  • Lee Ann Roberts

    In Lee Ann Robert's hands, even the hardest techno can have subtlety and soul. Her attraction to unusual and distinctive qualities in the music she makes and plays all add up to one of the most exciting forces in contemporary techno – a commanding presence that will demand your full attention at our next event.

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  • Len Faki

    Credited as one of the first residents at techno mecca Berghain and one of the most in-demand techno artists of a generation, Len Faki hardly needs to be introduced. His sound is constantly evolving without ever losing its vibrant, unique energy, and many seasoned ravers tell tales of the raw passion and beauty in his DJ sets. There's no better edition to our next event!

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  • Lilly Palmer

    Lilly Palmer has rocketed to success in the electronic music scene with her intriguing melodies and electrifying basslines, with which she regularly sends audiences on a one-way trip to outer space. Strap yourselves in for her upcoming performance at our festival!

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  • Loco Dice b2b Seth Troxler

    Slick, black vinyl and even slicker transitions: Loco Dice is a DJ in every sense of the word, and has been turning dancefloors into his personal stomping grounds for many years now. Get ready for some solid, physical grooves!

    Seth Troxler is a true icon in the world of electronic music who has carved out a unique path as an artist, cultural commentator, entrepreneur and art curator. His music is always forward-thinking and full of emotion creating unforgettable experiences. Soon, you will discover that Troxler has the ability to get even the most reluctant dancers onto the dance floor.

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  • Marco Carola

    An ambassador of spitfire electro beats, Marco Carola is famed for his energetic and impressive three-deck style of mixing in his long journey sets. Tech-house fans rejoice: he's back for our next edition!

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  • Mha Iri

    Mha Iri has recently been peering at the top of the techno scene with a wave of successful productions, embodying her melodic yet tough, hard-hitting style. At our upcoming show, she will be putting her own weapons to the test with what will surely be an intense DJ set.

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  • Miss Monique

    When electronic music fans see a streak of green hair appear behind the decks, they know they are about to be treated to Miss Monique's mesmerizing blend of progressive house and melodic techno. Get ready to dance the night away with her at our next event!

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  • Mochakk

    A young Brazilian talent who quickly found his way to the world stage with his finesse and solid tech-house beats, Mochakk simply knows how to get bodies moving. Find out what he's all about and get with it at our upcoming event!

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  • NTO Live

    NTO is one of the brilliant minds behind the french melodic house movement which sparked the passion for electronic music for a whole new generation of ravers. With deep basses and lysergic harmonies, he filters different layers of his melodies and finds just the right wavelength to move the masses. We're ready for him - are you?

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    PAN-POT's uncompromising style opens awe-inspiring acoustic spaces, fuelled by rocking sequences, darkly euphoric synths and cascades of white noise. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing them yet, put them on the top of your to-see list for our next event.

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  • Patrick Mason

    Patrick Mason is three words: energizing, engaging & unmissable! The Berlin & LA based DJ is known for his powerful performances electrifying crowds around the globe. He is a rising star in the world of electronic music so do not miss his set at our next event!

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  • Reinier Zonneveld Live

    Dutch artist Reinier Zonneveld receives a widespread praise for his groundbreaking sound and technical proficiency. Zonneveld's live performances are a true showcase of his musical talent stimulating mind, body and soul!

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  • Ricardo Villalobos

    Ricardo Villalobos is a veteran DJ and minimal techno pioneer with over 25 years of experience. Ricardo’s love for music can be felt in every note he plays which makes him an indispensable constant in the electronic music scene. He's prepared to take us on another eerie, musical journey – are you ready to join him?

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  • Richie Hawtin

    British-born and Canadian-raised Richie Hawtin is a genuine original. He is best known for his innovative yet forward thinking work in the electronic music scene driven by his desire to constantly push conceptual frontiers. His performances are musically & visually striking, letting the audience feel enthralled and mesmerized by his work. Be there at our next edition to witness the master himself at work!

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  • Robert Hood

    Creator of minimal techno, member of the Underground Resistance collective, and the face of Detroit techno in the early '90s, Robert Hood can only be described as genre-defining. The influence he has had on the scene in its entirety, as well as all of the people he has inspired over the years, are conducive in our choice to have him join us at this year's event.

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  • Sam Paganini

    Italy and techno since 1990! Sam Paganini's distinctive hypnotic style of electronic music has garnered him a dedicated following of fans who are drawn to his prepossessing beats and evocative melodies. He is a true techno powerhouse and he is ready to leave you speechles!

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  • Sama' Abdulhadi

    One of the first DJs to emerge internationally from the underground scene in Palestine, and a long-time voice for political issues, Sama' Abdulhadi embodies the essence of the techno movement. Not to mention her ability to transport listeners to otherworldly realms, inspiring them to dance and lose themselves in the rhythm. We are excited to be welcoming her to our stage soon!

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  • Sara Landry

    "High Priestess of Ableton" Sara Landry is a self-taught producer and audio engineer whose brand of dark yet feminine industrial techno has caused a storm in the international rave scene. That storm can also be felt on the dance floor: hold tight when she steps behind our decks!

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  • Silvie Loto

    Silvie Loto has spent over a decade crafting her unique path as a DJ/producer. Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing sonic adventure at our next event, where deepness, content, and beauty converge in an unforgettable experience.

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    SPFDJ is a force to be reckoned with, renowned for her high-energy sets that blend hard-hitting beats, industrial sounds, and pounding rhythms for a whirlwind of exhilaration and relentless intensity. Witness the techno high-priestess live at our upcoming event!

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  • Stephan Bodzin Live

    Stephan Bodzin recreates his driving, hypnotic productions in his iconic live sets, which have transported listeners on musical journeys for many years now already. By now certainly one of the modern greats, we're excited to have this melodic master at our next show.

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  • Sven Väth

    Sven Väth is a true legend in the world of electronic music. He has been a pioneer in the techno scene since the early 1980s, launching clubs, record labels, and careers along the way. With his unique vision and unbridled love for music he has inspired countless artists and fans for over three decades.

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  • Syreeta

    London-based SYREETA's sounds are as diverse as her approach to life – relying on chunky basslines and melodic grooves to shake the foundations of societal and dancefloor standards to bring something completely new to life. Get ready for pure authenticity when she plays at our next edition.

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  • UMEK

    Progenitor of the electronic music scene in eastern Europe, UMEK has since conquered the rest of the world with his techno productions and DJ sets. A professional musician for more than 25 years now, he knows just the right buttons to press to bring you the techno you desire.

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  • Vintage Culture

    Brazilian DJ and producer Vintage Culture is celebrated for his melodic, emotive style of techno incorporating elements of deep house and pop. Brace yourself for an exciting musical adventure when he turns up the volume!

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  • Wade

    Drawing influence from the sounds of his home in Spain, Wade's grooving drum rhythms in his DJ sets will transform the dancefloor around you into a sun-stained mediterranian summer night, and as the sun fully sets, he brings even more energy into the night. No matter which celestial body hangs above, you shouldn't miss him when he plays!

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Opening Party

Saturday 17th of August - Club Aquarius

In alphabetical order

  • Alignment

    Alignment is a name that has been omnipresent in techno sets across the globe for many years now. Adjust yourself to the dark corners of your inner self when his sharp and heavy sounds begin to emit from our speakers. Alignment's popularity is attributed to his ability to electrify dance floors with his intense sound and his skill in weaving complex sonic landscapes that captivate listeners worldwide.

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  • BIIA

    Fresh in the hardtechno scene, yet already an established favorite: BIIA's DJ sets are energetic and hard-hitting stories that draw on peculiar sounds and unusual elements from different genres to create an experience which simply won't let you go. Get ready for an explosive session on our dance floors!

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  • Shlømo

    Half of the successful 'Viper Diva' project and a stellar producer in his own right, Shlømo has been a main character in the rise of hardtechno in recent years. When he plays at this year's edition, you can expect an intense combination of solid beats, breaks and rave-influenced sounds.

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Sonus does not only happen in clubs - we also take the sound we love out on open waters. Dance away to your favourite artists and enjoy the finest tunes in an intimate and spectacular setting.

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