Sonus Festival

20th to 24th of August 2023 - Pag Island, Croatia

Celebrating 10 Years of
Sonus Festival in 2023.

5 days & nights of open air party at the Croatian sea.

Picture a small, sunny island just off the coast of Croatia. Imagine your favourite artists playing open air, just a few steps away from the beach. Envision yourself taking a dip in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea in between parties. Sounds like a dream? Well, at Sonus it all comes true: Your perfect summer rave adventure happens right on the shores of Pag Island.

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Our home: Pag Island

Pag Island is not only the perfect spot for a massive, five day techno festival - it also enchants with its natural beauty. The Adriatic shore is the backdrop of a dramatic moon-like scenery of bizarre natural rock formations, waiting for you to explore them. The coast dazzles with shimmering bays, exceptionally clear water and some of the most secluded, pristine beaches you will ever discover.

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