Zrće Beach

Zrće is a beach located 2 kilometers from Novalja, right across Gajac. As a mecca for party-enthusiasts, it enjoys high media coverage so it's popular among Croatian celebrities and many popular Croatian singers open the summer season right there. The beach has its own parking lot, but avoid it if you can, because it can get extremely crowded. If possible, walk to the beach or use our SONUS shuttle.


Gajac is a planned apartment community 2 kilometers away from Novalja, its beach stretching several hundred meters on the Adriatic coast. The coastal strip is partly filled with sand, however it is mainly gravel. Its long beachfront sidewalk is ideal for jogging or walking.

Stara Novalja

Stara Novalja is an old village 5 kilometers north of Novalja, situated in a deep bay in the north-west of the island of Pag. The largest beach within the cove is the famous sandy beach Trinćel, while smaller beaches extend through the entire bay, some of which are only accessible by boat. Many tourists enjoy the clean beaches every year, so it does get quite crowded in the summertime.

Caska Beach

Caska beach is located in the same bay as and in close vicinity of Zrće beach, both east of Novalja. It is a sand beach, and the sea floor is slightly inclined downwards which makes it suitable for families with children. There is a restaurant on the beach and some recreational facilities.