Add Sonus to your Rave Bucket List

here are 6 reasons why:

If you're not quite sure what to expect at Sonus, take a look at these facts about the festival. Sonus is more than a rave, it is your perfect summer vacation paired with the best parties the electronic music world has to offer. Check out the line-up of the event, or go see what the location has to offer.

Still not convinced? If you like to spend your day with sports and activities, don't worry. There's loads of stuff to do on our beautiful Island.

And if you need a place to chill after a day full of action, we have those too. Alternatively, enjoy the sundown at one of our legendary boat parties!
After that, it's off to the raves again!

2. The Location

Imagine a small island just off the coast of Croatia. Imagine your favourite artists playing open air, just a few steps away from the beach. Imagine taking a dip in the crystal clear Adriatic sea in between parties. Sounds like a dream? Well, at SONUS it all comes true: Your perfect summer rave adventure happens right on the shores of Pag.

3. Leisure

SONUS Festival allows you to rave on while spending your perfect summer vacation. So, along with our line-up there's lots to explore around Pag. Whether you wanna worship the sun, indulge in the local cuisine or experience an adrenaline rush - Pag offers everything you need for your creature comforts.

5. The Culture

If you want to get away from Zrce Beach and want to indulge in the local cuisine or discover tiny shops selling artisanal goods, why not pay a visit to Novalja? Wander around the many tiny alleys of the old town, visit the harbor area at dawn and make unforgettable memories.

6. The Boat Parties

SONUS does not only happen in clubs - we also take the sound we love to the open waters. Dance away to your favourite artists and enjoy the finest tunes in an intimate and spectacular setting.