Looking for a safe way to store your sunscreen and charge your phone while you’re at SONUS Festival? Reserve a personal locker, so you can free up your hands without worrying about losing anything at the venues or the beach. Don’t miss any music going back and forth from your apartment or hotel, our conveniently located lockers are the perfect place to stash your things between shows.

Our partner Insulae Festum d.o.o. will have two locker tents ready for you at Zrce beach, both in close proximity to Aquarius and Euphoria, open 24/7.
No need to store away your valuables but want to charge your mobile? Not to worry! For only 4 € (30 HRK) you'll be able to leave your phone at the counter and redeem it when fully charged. Do not forget to bring your own charging chord as we cannot provide you with one on-site.

Locker sizes
You'll be able to chose whether you need a small or large locker, depending on your needs.
Small: 14 x 25 x 50 cm
Large: 30 x 25 x 50 cm

How to rent a locker
On-site: You can rent a locker for one festival day, or for 3 or 7 days and pay on the spot.
Small locker / 1 day: 7 € (50 HRK)
Small locker / 3 days: 13 € (100 HRK)
Small locker / 7 days: 26 € (200 HRK)

Large locker / 1 day: 10 € (80 HRK)
Large locker / 3 days: 26 € (200 HRK)
Large locker / 7 days: 53 € (400 HRK)

Online: Reserve in advance on our page and pay less! Lockers booked in advance can be reserved for either 3 or 7 days.
Online Fees
Small locker / 3 days: 10 €
Small locker / 7 days: 20 €

Large locker / 3 days: 20 €
Large locker / 7 days: 40 €

Please note that lockers are subject to limited availability.
Disclaimer: This service is provided by our partner Insulae Festum d.o.o.

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