Forbidden Objects

To ensure a safe environment for you and others, SONUS Festival collaborates with public safety, police and medical authorities on all questions concerning the safety of our sites.

Accordingly, please take note that bags will be searched before they are admitted to our sites. Authorities at the venues also reserve the right, under certain circumstances, to conduct a physical search.

The following items are NOT allowed inside the venues:

  • Large Suitcases & Backpacks (cannot be stored)
  • Motorcycle helmets (cannot be stored)
  • Knives & sharp objects
  • Illegal substances
  • Animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs)
  • Any items which may be used as a weapon
  • Professional photo or video equipment
  • Medicine in unusual amounts
  • Fireworks & flares
  • Powerbanks bigger than approximately the size of a regular phone
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