Getting Around


We strongly recommend not to use your car for drives between Novalja and Zrce. The island’s traffic system was not built for large festivals so there is just a tiny one-lane street to cope with a huge influx of visitors. Unsurprisingly this resulted in massive traffic jams in the past and you should make sure you avoid this frustrating situation.

If, however, you still want to drive to Novalja downtown by car, you will find plenty of parking sites near the beach promenade. Please note that parking fees might be pricey.

Public Transport

We strongly recommend to purchase a SONUS Island Shuttle ticket with your festival ticket. This allows you to use the shuttle buses on the Island, which makes getting around in Novalja much easier and gives you a perfect travel link between Novalja and the festival site at Zrce Beach.

You can always buy your island shuttle ticket while you're at SONUS. Please see our dedicated section below for timetables, fees and more.


We've partnered with a local taxi agency to provide you with stable fees and secure rides. Check for "SONUS Trusted Partner" stickers to make sure you're driving with one of our trusted cabs.

All fees listed below are target prices which may vary slightly according to traffic situation and your exact destination. We recommend asking for a receipt upon payment. Should any problems arise, please note down the registration number of the vehicle and speak to our staff at the SONUS Info Point / Help Desk.

Island Transfer Fees
Zrće-Caska appr. 120 HRK
Zrće-Vidalići appr. 150 HRK
Zrće-Mandre appr. 250 HRK
Zrće-Pag appr. 350 HRK
Zrće-Gajac appr. 100 HRK
Zrće-Novalja appr. 130 HRK
Zrće-Stara Novalja appr. 150 HRK
Zrće-Kustići appr. 180 HRK
Zrće-Zubovići appr. 200 HRK
Zrće-Metajna appr. 250 HRK

+385 996889662 - Autotaksi Dupin
+385 995757188 - Autotaksi Ante
+385 919398814 - Mare Grandis
+385 913143144 - Autotaksi Klik
+385 98521210 - Autotaksi Ilijas
+385 996630933 - Laudis
+385 912783600 - Autotaksi Boom
+385 998753944 - Autotaksi Ivan
+385 912346007 - Autotaksi Naomi
+385 976444934 - Autotaksi Cvaja
+385 98273008 - Autotaksi Neno Novalja
+385 989033113 - Autotaksi Eclipse
+385 996566566 - Autotaksi D&D
+385 994449477 - Kim Suljic
+385 981945641 - Termo Tehnika
+385 923373941 - Autotaksi Autoparking Crni
+385 912120080 - Autotaksi Nav
+385 958986509 - Autotaksi FMC
+385 994121725 - Autotaksi OK
+385 955211323 - Autotaksi Minja
+385 994535342 - Autotaksi Pifra REM
+385 916027276 - Autotaksi Boniem
+385 993546070 - Plat


Wanna get to the festival venues quickly? You want to discover all the hidden gems around Novalja? Why not rent a scooter?

Novalja has a few rental agencies with decent prices. Helmets are mandatory and included in the rental fee. We recommend you book online.


Rentacar Novalja

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