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How to get to Pag Island? Find all the important information right here...

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Traveling to Sonus by car

Driving with your own car is also possible. You will find the best route by using your onboard navigation system or the route planner included with a map service like GOOGLE MAPS.

Post Code: 53291
44°32'17.0"N 14°54'24.6"E

Please keep in mind:

Do NOT use your car for hopping between Novalja and Zrce. The island’s traffic system was not built for large festivals so there is just a tiny one-lane street to cope with an influx of visitors. Unsurprisingly this has resulted in really long traffic jams in the past and you should make sure you avoid this frustrating situation.

The best, but not only alternative, is our Sonus Festival Shuttle as it allows you also to visit some other spots all over Pag.

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